Nov 4, 2009

Kaki ( Persimmon )

Kaki ( Persimmon )
akikaze ni
konoha sasayaku
sato no niwa

country garden ;
leaves whisper
in autumn wind


valeria said...

I am so happy to find one more Haiga! How's your mother, please give her my greetings. This haiga is so nice, perfect for the season, lovely haiku.

CARMEN said...

I love kakis...Hmmm! :-)
I wish you a happy New Year!

nobu said...

Thanks all!!
Valeria; She is fine.
She is happy to hear your message.

Carmen; I love kaki too.
Is persimmon called "kaki" in Germany?

Sherry Stewart said...

Persimmons I recall from my trip to Nagaoka long ago. Beautifully illustrated here with brush strokes.

Golam Rabbani said...

Nice sharing. Than ks

Nowy Sacz said...

Nobu, I saw the painting. It impresses me the simplicity of the line, while the power of images.